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The company set up a special project team and discussed with foreign engineers on different technical issues

These spare parts are mounted on a 154-meter-high building of the Abu Dhabi Investment Committee in Dubai. When the sun shines directly, it can be fully deployed. With the offset of sunlight, it adjusts the angle to narrow the area of expansion. With such a shading system, people can adjust the internal light and temperature according to changes in the external environment of the building. Since the entire building is a silkworm cocoon shape, the size, angle, and size of the support rods of each parasol are different, which adds to the difficulty of processing.
     The company set up a special project team and discussed with foreign engineers on different technical issues, eventually overcoming various technical problems and making the project a complete success. The technology of this shading system, combined with the geographical environment of the Gulf of Dubai, will be used for the first time in the world and will reduce the overall energy consumption and total CO2 emissions of the entire building. According to reports, the parts' steel processing standards and machining accuracy have exceeded the aviation level, and the construction difficulty of this curtain wall has been listed as the world's third-highest difficulty in the construction industry.