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Huizhou Headquarters Address: Changtang No.2 Industrial Park, Baihua

Town, Huidong County, Huizhou City, Guangdong Province, China
Huizhou Headquarters

Tel: 0752-8785338 8785488
Fax: 0752-8785228


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About Us

Company Cdvantage

1. Professional pre-sales support

   In the inquiry phase, the company's business and technical teams understand customer needs and product characteristics through close communication with customers, provide product design and manufacturing feasibility assessment and diversified solutions.


2. Joint development

   We highly recommend participating in the product design at the beginning to provide a feasibility assessment of the manufacturing end, improving product manufacturability for customers, saving manufacturing costs, and providing optimal manufacturing solutions.


3. Quick sample

   Relying on the company3D printed molding equipment and technology for customers Days of fast delivery service saves the time for mold opening, providing a rapid advantage for market promotion and process trial production


4. One-stop service

   Provide customers with integrated solutions covering a wide range of metal forming processes.“Hosted one-stop service.


5. Technical strength

  The company established a precision casting technology research and development center, and is also the first technology research and development center in the south China's precision casting industry. With years of technology accumulation and a strong technical team, it provides powerful technical support and guarantees for high-end product and project R&D and trial production.