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Huizhou Headquarters Address: Changtang No.2 Industrial Park, Baihua

Town, Huidong County, Huizhou City, Guangdong Province, China
Huizhou Headquarters

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Career planning and motivation

Remuneration policy
Through constant exploration and courage to innovate, we have established a linked-based compensation management system based on job value, which is internally fair and competitive, as follows:
1. Wages structure
Basic salary + performance bonus + all kinds of allowances and subsidies; basic salary of the company is set based on each position, performance bonus directly reflects employee performance and contribution, reflects the performance-oriented nature of salary incentives, various subsidies are based on different department grades, Different types of jobs, different operating environments, different labor intensity, different operating hours and other benefits in the pay-per-action linkage.
2. Annual salary adjustment
We have established a compensation adjustment mechanism. The compensation of employees and the external market are benchmarked, and the company’s compensation system is adjusted according to the benchmark results, and salary adjustments are made based on the employee’s half-year/year performance.
3, year-end bonus
Every year, we combine the company's performance with the performance of employees to determine the year-end reward program and provide employees with annual bonuses. The
4, special awards
For outstanding employees and work teams in the year, we also provide various types of special incentives and innovation incentives to reflect the timely recognition and recognition of outstanding employees and work teams.
5, equity options incentive
We are committed to providing equity options incentives for key employees who are interested in the long-term development of the company and whose performance is consistently outstanding. The goal is to enable employees to share the achievements of the company's performance growth, and to combine the personal interests of the employees with the long-term development interests of the company.
6, Huizhou local government supporting talent subsidy policy
1) Master students and employers sign a 5-year labor contract and can apply for housing subsidies of 100,000 yuan;
2) Doctoral students and employers sign a 5-year labor contract and can apply for housing subsidies of 200,000 yuan.
Welfare policy
1, five insurance and one gold
The company handles five insurance and one gold for each employee (pension insurance, medical insurance, work-related injury insurance, unemployment insurance, maternity insurance, and housing accumulation fund). The housing accumulation fund plan steadily achieves full employee coverage in 2018.
2. Humanistic care
We plan to establish a comprehensive party branch, Communist Youth League, trade union, and women's congress internally through 1 to 2 years of hard work. We plan to distribute holiday gifts for employees on annual holidays. We will give care and send sympathy to employees for getting married, giving birth, and getting sick. Gold provides warm and humane care for every employee.
3, logistical support
(1) The company has a staff restaurant with a beautiful environment and first-class health, and provides nutrition work meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
(2) The company provides apartment-style staff quarters with complete facilities and beautiful environment for foreign employees. There are independent toilets in the dormitory, air-conditioning, television, broadband, wardrobes, writing desks and other equipment facilities. There are six employees in one room. Undergraduates can apply for double rooms. Master students can apply for single rooms. Senior staff can apply for suites.
(3) The company provides each employee with safety labor protection products such as tooling and work shoes that meet national and industry regulations.
4, rest and vacation
(1) It is planned that in the next 1 to 2 years, the company will adopt a single and double rest system and gradually import it into a 7.5-hour working day.
(2) Company employees enjoy various national holidays.
(3) We plan to provide each employee with paid annual leave that meets or exceeds the national standard in accordance with the employee’s seniority, position, etc. in the next 1-2 years.